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Welcome to my world of wedding photography

Where every shot is a story and every click is a moment frozen in time. I'm Jackie, a wedding photographer with a penchant for capturing the genuine, spontaneous, and heartfelt moments that make your special day truly unforgettable.

jackie gillman wedding photographer
jackie gillman wedding photographer sitting on sofa laughing

🌿 Calm Nature: Amidst the whirlwind of wedding festivities, I bring a sense of tranquility that helps create a relaxed atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

🌴 Laid Back & Adventurous: With a laid-back demeanor and a love for spur-of-the-moment adventures, I'm always ready to seize the perfect shot, no matter where it takes us.

🤝 Kind & Helpful: People often find themselves gravitating towards me, whether it's to share their thoughts, seek advice, or simply enjoy a heartwarming conversation.

👶🐾 A Connection With All Beings: From kids to animals, I've found a way to connect with every soul, creating a comfortable space for genuine expressions and candid moments.

🎵 Music Enthusiast: Music is my muse, and I find inspiration in the symphony of life. Long drives with the music turned up high are my ultimate recipe for creativity.

🌊 By The Sea: Happiness for me is the sea breeze, crashing waves, and the endless horizon. The sea is where I find solace and inspiration.

📷 Creative Vision: I embrace my creative instincts, favoring emotions over logic, resulting in vibrant, colorful, and dramatic images that tell a vivid story.

📸 People Watcher: I find joy in observing human interactions, seeking to capture the unspoken emotions and connections that bind us.

🌆 Night Owl & Sunrise Chaser: Despite my night owl tendencies, I'm known to chase the beauty of a coastal sunrise, armed with my camera and an insatiable passion for landscape photography.

🎤 Karaoke Enthusiast: When the stage is set and the mic is in hand, you might just catch me belting out Björk's "Oh So Quiet," ensuring it's not quite as quiet as the title suggests.

🌈 Favorite Color: Cornflower blue – a hue that mirrors the skies I adore capturing so much.

📚 A Journey in Photography: From London to the vast landscapes of Norfolk and Suffolk, my photographic journey has been one of growth, discovery, and lifelong learning.

jackie gillman wedding photographer sitting on chair with laptop
branding elements
branding elements

🏆 Recognitions: I've proudly earned accolades and awards from local camera clubs and esteemed exhibitions, a testament to my dedication and passion for the art of photography.

🌌 Northern Lights Hunter: I've even managed to capture the elusive Northern Lights from the comforts of my Suffolk garden, a rare and breathtaking feat.

📷 Fuji Aficionado: I swear by the timeless charm of Fuji cameras, melding the nostalgic with the contemporary to create captivating visuals.

🎓 Photography Judge: My expertise has been recognized by the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies, where I now serve as a photography judge.

Love, Laughter, and Cherished Moments: Weddings hold a special place in my heart. The love, the laughter, the intimate glances – these are the moments I live to capture. As I drive away from a day filled with joy, my heart is full, and a grin spreads across my face. It's an honor, a privilege, and a sheer delight to be a part of your journey, freezing your precious memories in time.

So, whether it's the whispered vows, the teary-eyed embraces, or the dance floor shenanigans, I'm here to ensure your love story is immortalized through the lens of my camera.


Let's create magic together.

Get in touch, and let's embark on this enchanting journey of capturing your love story, one frame at a time.

northern lights in the Suffolk, UK
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